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The Mercy Walk: Join Us for the Last Tours of 2016!

The Mercy Walk inspired by Mercy Street on PBS
Join us this Labor Day weekend for The Mercy Walk! Buy tickets online now to experience Old Town Alexandria’s Mercy Walk tour, based on the hit PBS show, MERCY STREET!
You’ve watched the show, either live or in a binge watch session on Amazon Video, now experience walking the same streets as your favorite characters! See the sights that inspired the show and visit the very location of the Green family home, which was turned into a Civil War hospital. And, when the walk is over, the tour timing is perfect to catch the tour experience, “‘Who These Wounded Are:’ The Extraordinary Stories of the Mansion House Hospital”  at The Carlyle House.
There are only three more chances to take The Mercy Walk before MERCY STREET premieres on PBS on January 22, 2017. Don’t miss out on the experience that will bring the show to life!
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The Mercy Walk in Old Town Alexandria

Emma Green (Hannah James) / Courtesy of Antony Platt/PBS

Walk the same streets as Nurse Mary Phinney, Jedediah Foster, Frank Stringfellow and the Green family.
Based on the new PBS series, MERCY STREET, Alexandria’s The Mercy Walk tour will give visitors and locals alike a feel for Alexandria and what it was like to live in an occupied city during the Civil War. This tour includes stops at the former Marshall House, the Confederate Statue, James Green’s furniture factory, and the only portion of the Mansion House Hotel still standing today. Join us to hear the true stories of Alexandria, a true microcosm of the Civil War all within one city.
Mercy Street PBS Alexandria VA

Nurse Mary Phinney (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) Photo Courtesy of Antony Platt/PBS

Tours will begin in March 2016.

Stay tuned for details, a schedule and the option to purchase tickets online.

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