If your club, organization, school or special event would like a guest speaker please contact us. Our company President, Wellington Watts, will come to your location and give you a terrific presentation that is informative, humorous and thoroughly entertaining.
You and your group will learn and laugh hearing about Colonial customs and traditions.
Mr. Watts can delight your audience discussing a variety of topics. You can hear about:
  • * Colonial history of Northern Virginia and Old Town Alexandria
  • * Colonial dating and flirting techniques
  • * The origins of many of today’s phrases and sayings
  • * African-American history in Northern Virginia
  • * Civil War history
  • * Ghost stories from our Ghost & Graveyard Tour
Choose what topic, or topics, you want to hear about and schedule Mr. Watts for your group. You can make the night more interesting by combining history and a few ghost stories.
Wellington Watts is President of Alexandria Colonial Tours located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Watts is an accomplished speaker earning awards in many Toastmasters competitions. He has given tours in Old Town Alexandria for 11 years.
Fee: $150 for a one hour talk
To book Mr. Watts as your speaker, please call 703-519-1749 or email at wwatts@alexcolonialtours.com.