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A Guide to the Lovelorn: Dating in Alexandria

Woman.  A creation that can inspire an artist to paint a masterpiece, make a soldier go to war, or move a man to achieve great things. And all of that for a woman’s approval or a simple embrace or a kiss.  For centuries, poets and playwrights have endeavored to understand the fairer sex, and so have I.

Who am I?  My name is Victor, the greatest lover in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The title was not an easy one to come by.  I have encountered many women and have made them swoon over me.

Originally, I came from the Republic of Venice. Living in a city famed for its beauty, helped instill in me a fondness for all things full of life and beauty.  I was enamored by it, but felt that true beauty could only be found in things that were new and young, so I dreamt of coming to America.

Sadly, my fame has become somewhat over shadowed by my relative Giacomo. You know him, but by another name, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova.   I shall pause for the gasp.  I felt that he could have the Old World and its ancient things.  Like I said, I prefer things that are new and young.

So I came to America.  I am now a ghost of course and take my place in the history of what is now Old Town Alexandria.

During my haunting of Old Town I’ve watched many men attempt to initiate the dance of courtship, and it has become increasingly difficult to watch. Many young men try and fail in their pursuit of the fairer sex all because they do not understand how women think and what they are looking for.  Therefore, I shall provide the lovelorn men of this city with five steps to guarantee success while courting a woman.

  1. Confidence.  Believe in yourself and everything you do.  Women love to know that the man she is with is confident in his own abilities.
  2. Talk about yourself all the time.  She will love hearing about your exploits and see how great you are.
  3. Make all the decisions.  By making all the decisions when the two of you are together the woman will appreciate your strength of character. After all, you’re always right.
  4. Begin preparing for the next opportunity to spend time together.  Inform her of your plans for the second date as the first begins to close.  By allowing her to know this, she can prepare to make herself look good for you and completely free her schedule.
  5. Be persuasive.  In the event she has any problems with the previous step, always be prepared to persuade her into changing her mind and having her see everything your way.

By following these steps, the lovelorn men of Alexandria will not be lonely for long.  These steps all worked for me, except for that one incident. To learn more about my own exploits and my fate take the North Route of the Ghost and Graveyard Tour. I’ll be there too of course.

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The Travel Channel Features our Ghostly Tales

You might have seen us recently on The Travel Channel’s program “Weird Travels.”

Their production crew taped a re-enactment of the tragic story of the lovely Laura Shafer at the quaint shop, The House in the Country. It took place in the actual historic building where the melancholy event took place.

Alexandria Colonial Tours guide Jamie Ennis portrayed Laura Shafer and guide Mary O’Day played her attentive grandmother. Then, president and longtime guide Wellington Watts led the crew through the haunted streets of Old Town.

To hear the heartbreaking ending to this endearing love story, join us on our Ghost & Graveyard Tours!

Ghost tours take place on Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 & 9 p.m., and Sundays at 7:30 p.m. (March – November).
We add tours on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (June – November).
(Meet at the Ramsay House Visitor Center, corner of King & Fairfax Streets, Old Town.) And you’ll be abandoned in a graveyard!Read More →
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Alexandria Colonial Tours Films Spots with the Travel Channel

You might have seen us in some recent promotional spots for Old Town on the Travel Channel.

Vice President and guide Cynthia Young led an entertaining history tour for a group of enthusiastic tourists, stopping by Old Town’s historic hot spots – the Carlyle House, Sea Captain’s Row, the Old Presbyterian Meeting House, and the hallowed headstones of Christ Church cemetery.Read More →
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    • 2012

Radio Station Features Our Ghost Tours

Around Halloween, Washington radio station Z104-FM aired a jaunty streetside chat with us about the spirited tales on our popular “Original Ghost & Graveyard Tour.”

Morning Deejay “JV” joked around, asking questions like, “Do folks in sheets jump out at you?” Not quite – but a shiver may rise up your spine when a cold wind comes up from a mischievous spirit hovering near.

From March to mid-November, we’ll be telling haunting tales of restless spirits, angry ghosts, and lovelorn souls who appear in the cobblestoned streets and manors of Old Town still. – Join us on the eerie streets!Read More →