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A Shadow, or Something Else…?

Thanks to a couple of our local ghost tourists, we can all have trouble falling asleep tonight!

Recent local residents enjoyed a tour and all seemed well. However, upon arriving home, this ghostly shadow greeted them! What do you think? Are these shadows reflected by headlights, or is it a ghostly dog who followed them home?

Sweet dreams!

Creepy Dog Shadow

Is this a canine spirit in Alexandria?

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Announcing: 10% Off Kilwins with Ghost Tour Purchase

10 Percent Off Kilwins with Ghost Tour Purchase

10% Off Kilwins Alexandria

The deal just got sweeter. Now, when you purchase a ticket for Alexandria’s Original Ghost and Graveyard Tour, you will receive 10% off any purchase at Kilwins Alexandria (212 King Street). From caramel apples to fudge and peanut brittle to ice cream, Kilwins has a little bit of something for every sweet tooth! Be sure to save the sticker you will receive when you arrive for your tour, or your Alexandria Colonial Tours receipt, to show at the register to enjoy your discount. Scary stories and sweet treats. What a perfect combination. Enjoy!

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    • 2015

Captain’s Row in Old Town Alexandria

Captain's Row Old Town

Captain’s Row in Old Town Alexandria

Captain’s Row is quite the famous street in Old Town Alexandria. The cobblestones serve as a great reminder of the history of the town. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the chance to take a glimpse, a stroll, or sometimes, even a very bumpy car ride down the road. Captain’s Row is also a very well known location for couples interested in taking engagement or wedding day photos.

But, did you know that there’s a fascinating history behind Captain’s Row? A history that adds an interesting layer of meaning to this popular romantic photo scenic spot? Join us on a tour to learn the interesting tale of Captain’s Row, and the more recent ghost stories that are still experienced to this day. Ask for the Southern route!Read More →
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Best Ghost Tour 2015

Best of NOVA 2015

Alexandria Colonial Tours is thrilled to announce we have been named Best Ghost Tour in the Best of NOVA 2015 issue of Northern Virginia Magazine!

Best Ghost Tour 2015

Best Ghost Tour 2015

We are especially excited to learn that we received this honor through the votes of many readers of the magazine and Northern Virginia residents. We look forward to keeping the history and mystery alive on the streets of Old Town Alexandria!

Congratulations to the other Alexandria businesses named in the issue:

The Birchmere
The Torpedo Factory
Anchor Landscape Services
Mister Rogers Electric
Hank’s Oyster Bar
Restaurant Eve
The Dairy Godmother
Xtend Barre Old Town
Pure Aesthetica
Hotel Monaco’s Yappy Hour
Blue Mercury
She’s Unique
Lululemon Athletica
Sur La Table
Evolution Home
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    • 2015

Private Tours of Old Town Alexandria for Large Groups

Did you know you can take a ghost tour, or other specialty tour, of Old Town Alexandria Virginia, even if you’re traveling with a large group? We love working with you to make your trip fun and memorable, whether you’re traveling with 15-500+!
Tour of Old Town Alexandria VA

We love touring with groups both large and small!

Call 703-519-1749 or email us at tours@alexcolonialtours.com to organize a special private tour for your group. We look forward to scaring seeing you!Read More →
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    • 2015

National Police Week 2015

Police Officer Unity Tour

An officer rides to DC for Police Week. Photo via NLEOMF.

Did you know National Police Week is going on through this Saturday, May 16? Thousands of police officers have joined together in Washington, DC to remember those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

During this week officers also attend conference events, participate in fundraisers and enjoy time together in and around our nation’s capital.

This week — and every week — Alexandria Colonial Tours offers a law enforcement discount on all tickets. We thank you for your service!Read More →
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    • 2015

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Proof Is In The Picture

Wilkes Street Tunnel

Wilkes Street Tunnel Photo via Pinterest @dnrorrer

Have you ever had a not-so-easy-to-explain experience in Old Town Alexandria? It wouldn’t be so hard to believe, there are hundreds of years of history all around! Whether you were out on the town, taking a ghost tour with us, or hanging out in any of the places you visit, work or live, did you ever have something strange happen to you and you snapped a picture? Or, maybe everything seemed just fine and normal, but upon closer inspection of your photos, you noticed something a little off, or downright creepy?

We would love for you to share your story with us for a new regular blog feature: The Proof Is In The Picture. If you have something exciting to share, please email us at: ghostandgraveyardtour@gmail.com with the subject line: PROOF PICTURE.

Please feel free to share this information if you know someone who might have a tale to tell.

We’re looking forward to building quite the collection of all that we can see, or not see, in Old Town Alexandria!

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    • 2015

Alexandria in the Spring

From restaurants and shopping to charming surroundings and historic tours, there are so many reasons to visit Alexandria, VA in the spring and all year long!

Spring Events in Alexandria, VA

In fact, if you’re planning a trip to visit the landmarks, museums and cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, staying in Alexandria is a perfect plan.

How to See the Cherry Blossoms from Alexandria VA

When you stay in Alexandria you have the chance to experience the monuments by day and some of the country’s finest dining and historic ghost tours by night. Join us on your next trip to the DC metro area. You’ll be glad you experienced Extraordinary Alexandria!

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    • 2015

Alexandria Colonial Tours in the Blogosphere


Tour Guides: John, Larry & Richard

We love discovering blogs out there that have counted Alexandria Colonial Tours as one of the best ghost tours! Check out this article, where one of our guides, Richard, is mentioned by name:

Best Places To Take A Ghost Tour

There’s nothing we love more than teaching our tourists a thing or two about Alexandria’s history. Well, there is one thing we love more: scaring our visitors with mysterious and often creepy tales of Old Town’s past.

Join us for a ghost tour this season and you too can learn the secrets of King Street and beyond.

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    • 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Alexandria Colonial Tours

Ghostly Old Irish Photo

Ghostly Irish Photo | Credit: AbandonedIreland.com

At Alexandria Colonial Tours, we love historical tales and, of course, stories of a more mysterious nature.

Yes, the ghost story.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we present one of Ireland’s most famous ghostly stories, passed down through the generations.

Please enjoy this tale, shared from BygonesandByways.com:



Recorded in the Blacker manuscripts within the Public Record Office in Belfast is the story of the Beresford Ghost, a poltergeist that appeared to Lady Beresford in the latter part of the seventeenth century. The story has been passed down through the family generations and has found its way into the archive at the Armagh County Museum. Although TGF Paterson, the first Curator of the County Museum cast doubt on the dating of events, the story is still related with some relish.

Lord Tyrone and Lady Beresford (nee Nichola Sophia Hamilton) were born in Ireland but both being orphaned at an early age were given into the care of the same person. Under the tutelage of this guardian both accepted the principles of a religion called Deism. This beloved guardian died as the two entered upon their teens and they were placed in the care of another guardian who used various means to attempt to convert them to the revealed religion. Though these attempts failed to convert the youths, it shook their faith in Deism to the extent that the two made a solemn pact.

The substance of this pact was that whichever one should die first would, if permitted, return to the other and reveal which religion was the most acceptable to the supreme Being. Some time later Miss Hamilton married Sir Tristram and became Lady Beresford. In turn Lord Tyrone married and the two families enjoyed a warm friendship, often spending several weeks in each others company.

A short time following one such visit Lady Beresford attended breakfast looking tired and pale. When Sir Tristram inquired as to her health and for the reason as to the black band around her wrist she assured him that she was well and entreated him to ask no further. Sir Tristram raised his eyebrow again at his wife’s continual inquiries as to the whereabouts of the post. He asked what it was she expected to hear. Lady Beresford replied that she expected a letter informing her of the death of Lord Tyrone in the afternoon of the previous Tuesday. When the post arrived Sir Tristram discovered a letter the particulars of which matched his wife’s statement exactly. Lady Beresford then informed her husband that she could assure him without a doubt that she was with child and the baby would be a boy. Events of a number of months subsequent proved her correct.

Four years later Sir Tristram died having maintained his vow never to inquire further particulars as to Lady Beresford’s continual wearing of a black band upon her wrist. Upon his death Lady Beresford withdrew from all society save only a close friendship with the family of a trusted clergyman.

Despite her intention to withdraw from society Lady Beresford soon found herself the object of the affections of the clergyman’s son, then but a youth. Though she attempted to dissuade his intentions the force of her emotions allowed her to entertain the prospect of a union and she was thereafter married to the young man. The marriage was fraught with difficulty and the young man behaved in a shocking manner towards his wife. The pair separated for some time but were soon reunited following his declaration to amend his ways. Lady Beresford bore another son and a short time afterward celebrated her birthday.

On the occasion of her birthday, a clergyman she had long been acquainted with came to visit and found Lady Beresford to be in the best of spirits. She told him that this was her forty-eighth birthday and that she would like him to celebrate with her. The clergyman informed her that he had long had a dispute with Lady Beresford’s mother as to the year of her birth. Having done some research into the matter he found his notion correct that Lady Beresford was in fact only forty-seven this year. At his words Lady Beresford turned pale and bid the clergyman leave her presence. She said, “You have signed my death warrant today. I have not long to live, I must therefore entreat you to leave me immediately as I have some things of importance to settle before I die”.

The clergyman having retired from her presence Lady Beresford called for her trusted friend, Lady Betty Cobb, and her eldest son Sir Marcus, the son of Sir Tristram. In their presence she revealed to them the truth of a meeting with the ghost of Lord Tyrone. She revealed how she had awoken on night to see Lord Tyrone sitting on the edge of the bed. This apparition had reminded her of the solemn oath they had sworn and that having died the previous Tuesday he had been permitted to return to Lady Beresford and counsel her that the revealed religion was the most acceptable religion to the Supreme Being. Further he had informed her that she would shortly bear Sir Tristram a son but that four years hence Sir Tristram would die. This son would live to be married to the daughter of Lord Tyrone. The ghost also revealed that Lady Beresford would once again marry and that in that following the birth of a son she would die in the forty-seventh year of her age.

Pale and trembling Lady Beresford told all to her son and friend and of Lord Tyrone’s attempts to convince her of his existence. The apparition had moved objects and scrawled notes but still she had remained unmoved until he had touched her wrist causing the muscles and sinews to wither. From that day forth she had worn a black band upon her wrist to hide the scar. In an attempt to thwart fate Lady Beresford had withdrawn from all society following the death of her first husband and had discouraged the intentions of the clergyman’s son. The marriage we know took place but there again Lady Beresford diced with fate when following a short separation she was reunited with her husband.

Having thus revealed all the events of the meeting of Lord Tyrone’s ghost, Lady Beresford entreated her listeners to leave her to rest. This they did only to return a number of hours later to find her dead, in the forty-seventh year of her age as Lord Tyrone had predicted. On finding her dead, Sir Marcus removed the black band from his mother’s wrist and found her wrist exactly as she had described.

Subsequent to his mother’s death, Sir Marcus was indeed married to the daughter of Lord Tyrone as the ghost had revealed to Lady Beresford even before his birth.

Lady Betty Cobb who had attended Lady Beresford on the day of her forty-seventh birthday, narrated the facts of this story to the Blacker family who preserved it in their family papers.

REFERENCES Paterson, T.G.F., ARMACHIANA (Volume 25, pages 174-212)